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Life can be hard but you don't need to suffer alone. At In Mind Therapy we believe that with the right support all people can have the personal fulfilment and meaningful relationships that help to create a satisfying life.

Our highly skilled psychologists, counsellors and social workers are trained and experienced in treating a wide range of issues and each of our specialists provide professional, inventive and individually-focused therapy to suit your needs.

Each of our In Mind Therapists are dedicated to helping you meet your life goals and will support you as you navigate through your individual circumstances and situations, we will help you to thrive not just survive.
Some Common Questions About Therapy
What is therapy like?
Therapy is different for everyone as we are all unique and all have different outcomes we want to achieve from therapy. Here's some things, however, you can expect from a therapy session:
  • discussion about your main concerns that have brought you to counselling
  • an expectation that you will be proactive in taking responsibility for your actions and that you will work with your therapist to implement the changes you need to in your life
  • possibly some homework, such as the recording of behaviours or reading of books
You will find that your therapist will be respectful and empathetic. They will be able to offer insights that only those with experience and looking from the outside in can know.

Your therapist will also empower you with coping mechanisms that will bring about massive transformations in your life, many of them almost immediately.
Is therapy right for me?
People from all walk of life choose to use therapy, and for lots of different reasons. Some people need help with depression, others with anxiety, and others with deep psychological problems.

For others it can be sudden unforeseen circumstances that they are struggling to deal with such as death, loss of employment or divorce. Sometimes it is not for traumatic reasons at all. Some look for advice as they seek to discover themselves and as they make life choices.

If you feel you need support in any of these areas, therapy can certainly fast-track your recovery and help you to achieve results quicker and easier.
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