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Are you suffering from anxiety? Are you searching for effective treatment options that can help you overcome your anxiety, or at least bring you some relief? If so, this article will give you some important information about the anxiety counselling options that are available to you in Counselling Deception Bay

anxiety counselling

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety refers to a feeling of unease, nervousness, or worry about something specific that has an uncertain outcome. Anxiety is a condition that is not always negative, particularly if you encounter it on a short term basis in your everyday life. For instance, in the short term, this condition can assist you to overcome a dangerous or challenging situation. Some examples of everyday anxiety include feeling nervous prior to a big test or being worried about a job interview.

It’s when your anxiety starts interfering with your day to day activities, that it may be an indication of a more serious problem. Do you avoid situations on a regular basis due to constantly worrying or having irrational fears? Do you encounter severe anxiety because of a traumatic event which happened several weeks or months ago? If this is you, it is advisable you consider seeking professional help.

anxiety counselling

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that can produce either psychological or physical symptoms, or both. People normally experience anxiety differently. Some of the common physical symptoms of anxiety include muscle tension, fast heartbeat, sweating, headache, stomach ache and dizziness, among others.

Also, in addition to these physical signs of anxiety, this condition can produce emotional and mental symptoms such as restlessness, difficulty concentrating, irrational anger, and more.

Anxiety Counselling – Anxiety Related Disorders

If your anxiety occurs more and more frequently is an indication that you could have an anxiety disorder. Some of the common anxiety disorders include:

1. PTSD i.e. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTSD refers to a condition which causes anxiety or flashbacks about a traumatic experience that a person encountered in the past.

2. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
This condition causes recurring thoughts as well as the compulsion of completing certain ritual actions.

3. Social Phobia
This is a condition which makes a person suffer from an intense feeling of anxiety in circumstances involving interaction with other people.

4. GAD i.e. Generalised Anxiety Disorder
GAD is an anxiety-related disorder resulted by uncontrollable worrying. A good example of this condition is a person worrying about something bad happening to him or herself or his/her loved ones. In most situations an individual suffering from GAD is unable to figure out the cause of his or her worry.

anxiety counselling

Why In Mind Therapy for Anxiety Counselling?

At In Mind Therapy we aim to help individuals achieve their optimal well-being. It’s not about mental illness, it’s about mental wellness. We are an experienced organisation helping people suffering from a range of mental health conditions and relationship issues. If your mental health or relationship issues are affecting your day to day activities, here are some of the reasons you should reach out to us and book one of our therapy services:

Our Psychologists and Counsellors are professional
Our In Mind Therapy therapists who service Counselling Deception Bay are well-trained, qualified, and personable. You can rest assured your needs will be addressed by experienced professionals who provide practical solutions for your anxiety. Our therapists will give you the help and tools you need to deal with any of life’s challenges.

Strategies tailored to your needs
Regardless of why you walk through the door, our therapists will aim to employ the best strategy to help you achieve your goals.  All strategies used are tailored to your specific needs and supported by empirical evidence. Common psychotherapy techniques include, but are not limited to, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Mindfulness. 

See us in Kallangur or online
In Mind Therapy is available for face-to-face, online or phone appointments in Kallangur QLD for clients in Counselling Deception Bay and surrounds, and all over Australia via online or phone appointment. All of our therapists offer online and phone appointments, no matter which clinic they are based in. You can even book online.

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