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Are you looking for help for yourself, or do you know someone in Help Bacchus Marsh who needs help with depression? If so, this article will give you some important information about online counselling for depression and the options that are available to you in Help Bacchus Marsh .

Depression is Common

Depression is common and many suffer the symptoms alone for a long time. They fear others won’t understand what they are going through. On average one in five people will get depression at some point in their lives. Every family is affected.

What is Depression?

Depression is a kind of extreme sadness, a feeling of disconnection from life and also a reduced enjoyment in the things you used to love in everyday life. Everyone goes through depression at some point in their life and it is not a weakness. The length and severity of the depression can vary according to the situation and the main cause of depression.

There are different types of depression. The symptoms for each can range from minor to very severe. You may experience depression for a short period of time after an negative event in your life, or your may have clinical depression that is ongoing and requires treatment such as therapy and medication.

If someone has depression, they may show signs such as depressed mood, change in weight and appetite, loss in interest in activities they enjoy, sleeping too little or too much, having negative thoughts, and feeling overwhelmed.

Treatment for Depression

People suffering from depression can feel unmotivated and need support to seek help. You may need help to find, book and go to a health care professional. That’s ok. You could ask a friend or family member to help you research and plan your visit. You can also book an appointment online to see an online psychologist. No need to even pick up the phone!

Counselling and medication are common treatments for depression. On their own, or together, they can be very effective. Many will start to feel better in as little as two weeks after starting medication, but it could take up to two months for the medication to be effective. Eating healthy food, drinking less alcohol, and regularly exercising can also speed up recovery.

How to Help Someone with Depression

If you have family or friends, or know someone in Help Bacchus Marsh , who is suffering with depression it’s important for you, and them, to realise they have an illness. It may not be a visible medical condition, like a broken arm, but it is just as real and requires treatment to get better. Like a broken arm, depression isn’t something you can tell someone to “just get over it”.

If they haven’t consulted a doctor or a health professional about the illness, encourage them, gently, to do so. It will help to have a diagnosis and talk about the treatment. Many people feel more comfortable talking to professionals about their issues, rather than family and close friends.

If you are talking to someone with depression, it may be a difficult conversation because you won’t have all the answers. If you haven’t experienced depression yourself, avoid comparing their depression to times you’ve felt down. This could make them feel worse because they may feel like they shouldn’t be feeling so bad about “nothing”.

When considering the most beneficial treatment for depression, a trained professional should always be sought as part of the overall approach in handling the symptoms of this common condition.

Why In Mind Therapy?

At In Mind Therapy we aim to help individuals achieve their optimal well-being. It’s not about mental illness, it’s about mental wellness. We are an experienced organisation helping people suffering from a range of mental health conditions and relationship issues. If your mental health or relationship issues are affecting your day to day activities, here are some of the reasons you should reach out to us and book one of our online therapy services: Our Psychologists and Counsellors are professional Our In Mind Therapy therapists who service Help Bacchus Marsh are well-trained, qualified, and personable. You can rest assured your needs will be addressed by experienced professionals who provide practical solutions. Our therapists will give you the help and tools you need to deal with any of life’s challenges. Strategies tailored to your needs Regardless of why you come to In Mind Therapy, our therapists aim to employ the best strategy to help you achieve your goals.  All strategies used are tailored to your specific needs and supported by empirical evidence. Common psychotherapy techniques include, but are not limited to, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Mindfulness. We’re available wherever you are  In Mind Therapy is available in Help Bacchus Marsh , and all over Australia, via online (zoom) or phone appointment. All of our therapists offer online and phone appointments, no matter which clinic they are based in. This means you have an amazing range of therapists to choose from. View our staff profiles here Contact us today If you want to learn more about your anxiety, and how to manage it, get in touch with us. Call us on 1300 841 924, send an email through our Contact Us page, or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. You can even book online (choose a Zoom appointment option).

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