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We all start our lives with a family, whether our family is comprised of blood relatives, adoptive parents, or even foster family. Basically, we learn most of our lives’ most important aspects from our families. This includes our habits, vocabulary, beliefs, customs, rituals, and even how we interact with those around as.

In other words, our families determine who we are and who we become in the future.

However, families are not immune to constant conflicts, disagreements, and poor communication. Sadly, when not solved promptly, these problems often lead to dysfunctional families which eventually break up. In such instances, Family Therapy comes in very handy as it’s proven to help improve communication and resolve conflicts lovingly and quickly.


What is Family Therapy?

Also known as Systemic Therapy, Family Therapy is a type of physiological counselling. It works to change the seemingly sour relationships within families. This helps families to better resolve their issues and deal with a wide range of pressing problems.

If you’re having a troubled relationship with your children, partner, or other family members, pursuing family therapy is the road to recovery and reconciliation.

This form of therapy may address serious issues like financial or marital problems, mental illness, and conflicts between parents and children. Family Therapy specialists employ techniques and exercises like behavioural therapy, cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, and other kinds of individual therapy. The techniques employed depend on the specific issues of each client.

If you and your family members are experiencing difficulties resolving common family conflicts and relationship issues, then [locationcapture]-based In Mind Therapy can help.

In Mind Therapy [locationcapture] family therapy is of the highest calibre. We are dedicated to offering help to families, parents and children, couples, and other relationship groups in a family who are finding it hard to interact and resolve conflicts, but are willing to work on their issues.

We are firm believers that with the right support, every person can have the personal fulfilment and meaningful relationship that help create a life full of happiness, joy, and satisfaction.

Our main goal is to enable you and your family members express and explore any difficult emotions and thoughts safely, better understand each other’s views and experiences, make useful changes in your lives and relationships, encourage and build your strengths, and also appreciate each other’s needs.

Our highly skilled psychologists, counsellors, and social workers are highly trained and experienced in treating a comprehensive range of family relationship and conflict issues, and each one of our specialists is dedicated towards providing professional, individually-focused, and inventive form of therapy that suits your specific needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help:

  • Repair your sour family relationships for a better start
  • Resolve issues with parenting difficulties, couple relationship difficulties, and even resolve adolescent/child behaviours like attention
  • Rebuild and strengthen relationship bonds
  • Enhance family coping skills
  • Resolve depression, anxiety, and stress issues
  • Provide support to properly cop with a diagnosis or bereavement
  • Building connection with others

Family Therapy is a crucial resource that can help you and your family gain the tools you need to improve connections and rebuild healthy relationships within your family. At In Mind Therapy, helping troubled families navigate through tough challenges and develop coping skills is our mission.

Let us help you build a better relationship with your family and regain the joy and happiness that you once had before.

Why You Should Seek for the Services of Family Therapy [locationcapture] Based In Mind Therapy

family therapy brisbane in mind therapyIn Mind Therapy [locationcapture] family therapy services are experienced and have helped many families over the years. Here are some of the reasons you should seek for our services:

Our Therapists are Professional
In Mind Therapy focuses on employing well-trained, qualified, and personable therapists. You can rest assured your needs will be solved with experienced professionals who provide practical solutions for your family.

We are Available 24/7
We offer therapy services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime you need our family therapy services – during the day or night – you can connect with us by calling 1300 841 924, or through our Contact page, and your needs will be attended to quickly and safely.

Our Services are Affordable
In addition to guaranteeing you expert family therapy services, In Mind Therapy won’t break your bank account! Check out our fees and rebates here.

Bottom Line
If you want to learn more about family therapy or just want to get in touch with family therapists in [locationcapture], don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 841 924 for a free over-the-phone consultation.

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