How do you form a good habit?

One of the most interesting things about habit formation is that it’s a process, not an event. That means you can start making changes right now and form new habits while letting old ones fade away.

Essentially, every habit was once just a thought in your mind. Every thought turned into a feeling, an intention, then a one-time action. That one-time action then turned into something repeated many times and thus, became a habit of yours. This is valid for both good habits and bad habits.
Granted, we all have habits that we want to change, so how do we go about this?
Here’s a quick 5-step process:
  1. Define the habit you want to learn
  2. Write down the strategy or plan
  3. Start practicing and visualise your progress
  4. Tell others as it will strengthen your routine
  5. Resole to persist and then reward yourself

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