Our Therapists
Jared Ardern
Relationship Counsellor
Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Psychology
Jared has over 10 year of experience in counselling and specializes in relationship counselling. Jared is able to help create a space where clients are heard and validated. Jared forms ways for couples to talk to each other and get to the root causes of their conflict and address them rather than going round in circles of blame.

Jared’s focus in relationship counselling is based on helping the couple find better ways of communicating with each other and teaching them new ways of dealing with conflict in the relationship. Jared also helps the couples establish new patterns of showing love and respect for each other and teaches them the skills needed to have a satisfying and long lasting relationship.
Steve Taylor
Steve has over 25 years experience working as a mental heath professional working with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, sexual abuse and PTSD. Steve is non-judgemental, and works well with older children, teenagers and adults, providing caring guidance, and support for his clients to address any concerns or issues holding them back from living a fulfilling life.

Steve is a specialist in his field of PTSD including trauma, sexual abuse, bullying, early childhood abuse, car accidents and war experiences. Some of the therapies available include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness techniques, or EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (which works on the centre for emotions in the brain).
Pamela Vandersande
Social Worker and Counsellor
BSW, Dip. Couns.
Pamela works with women in relation to all aspects of motherhood including concerns about terminating a pregnancy, with mothers-to-be helping them to navigate the fears and problems that arise during pregnancy, new mothers who are experiencing concerns relating to their parenting and birthing experience, returning mothers including those who have had a previously traumatic birth experience and mothers who have lost their child.

Pamela's non-judgemental strengths based practice has always provided clients with the ability to develop their strengths and know they can overcome whatever challenges they are currently experiencing. As a social worker she provides both a counselling experience and social assistance and has the ability to provide social assistance and referrals.

Pamela provides face to face sessions and is also available for sessions via telephone or video conferencing.
Dianne Mead
BSCI (Psyc), Dip. Couns.
Dianne is a counsellor with extensive experience in helping clients to realise goals and providing them with strategies to manage their challenges and work through their concerns in life.

Dianne’s specialty is Relationship and Couples Counselling. She practices the Gottman Relationship Method with its specific framework for helping couples to move through the impasse of relationship conflict. Dianne believes that there is always HOPE for a positive outcome as couples learn more about each other and how to resolve communication breakdown.

Men often experience difficulty in sharing their emotional concerns. Dianne has a particular interest in counselling men and assisting them to overcome the anxiety and stresses of modern living. A person centred style of counselling has enabled Dianne’s male clients to successfully move on in life with strategies and communication tools.
Individual counselling is provided to both men and women.

Dianne has a professional and personal interest in Anxiety and Panic Disorder. She provides Cognitive Behaviour Therapy coupled with Mindfulness techniques to counsel clients in managing their anxiety and panic. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can assist with knowing how thoughts and behaviour are related to anxiety and panic. The practice of Mindfulness can prevent excess worry and promote a more balanced and harmonious thought pattern.
Anna Louise
Life Coach, Life CoachTrainer
ICF Member
Anna is a life coach with the goal of helping you to create the outcomes and life you desire. Anna's holistic approach and practical skills will help you to identify and live the life you want. Anna can help you to identify and improve areas in your life that are out of balance, identify and challenge and replace unhelpful behaviours and habits and she can help you to create and seize opportunities that will allow you to live the life you want.

Anna also provides couple coaching. Couple coaching will help you connect and work on your issues. You will learn to focus on meeting each others needs and as a result you will feel understood. Your relationship will flow with ease and comfort. Best of all you will have fun and you will build fulfilling connection.

Anna provides face to face sessions and is also available for sessions via skype.
Felipe Oliveira
Counselling for Men
Felipe Oliveira is a qualified counsellor specialised in the Authentic Male Journey. It is counselling framework that helps men to process challenges in life. It frees them from depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicide, using these symptoms as the main allied in the transformation process. Felipe is passionate about men’s work and has been involved in a deeper journey himself since 2009.
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