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Maryanne Priest

Psychologist, BPsycSc, GdipPsyc

Maryanne has a particular interest in women’s issues i.e. the underlying causes which impact women’s health. These include loneliness, lack of ‘belonging’, perfectionism, codependence, intimacy, abandonment, complex trauma, body image concerns, victimisation, low motivation, domestic abuse, and relationship difficulties. For many women, self-sacrificing, a loud ‘inner critic’, and approval-seeking lead to mental health difficulties. As a therapist Maryanne primarily draws on interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), treatments which encourage clients to regain control of their life, happiness, and functioning. She tailors these treatments to the uniqueness of the individual.

Ages: Children (5-12y), Adults
Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face (Coffs Harbour, NSW), Videoconference (Zoom)

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