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If you’re looking for relationship counselling, In Mind Therapy can help you. While relationship counselling may be widely seen as a last resort when you are in a bad relationship, it can also strengthen and solidify a healthy relationship.

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Seeking counselling in a relationship is not an admission of guilt neither is it a sign of hopelessness but it is the single most important tool that can prevent a relationship from degenerating into a severe crisis.

Why Relationship Counselling Is Important

Relationships should be taken as seriously as we take our health. We should be taking time together at least once a year to reflect on the status of the relationship. One thing to consider is whether you may need to see a professional counsellor to help you solve the minor issues before they turn into big problems.

Counselling has a way of working its magic by providing a safe forum in which couples can discuss their issues without the risk of one party becoming ill-tempered.

The relationship counsellor becomes a wise broker who sympathises with both parties and allows them to have their say without taking sides. Most individuals believe that they haven’t been heard in their relationship for a long time and this prevents them from listening to their partner.

A Relationship Counsellor will help individuals to see that behind their partner’s anger, resentment, and helplessness, there is a history of despair and pain. Individuals will become aware of what their partner is going through. Our In Mind Therapy Relationship Counsellors work to expose the couple to a more respectful, realistic and reasonable outlook other than their own.

Participating in Relationship Counselling is one of the most generous gestures we could ever show to those living around us. Relationship counselling improves communication, revitalises the emotional connection between couples and helps the parties re-negotiate their commitments. While no relationship is entirely smooth sailing, almost all couples can greatly benefit from relationship counselling at some point in their relationship.

What Happens at Relationship Counselling?

Participating in Relationship Counselling, online (zoom) or via phone, will bring you many benefits for your relationship. You’ll learn to:

  • Interact more openly
  • Accept that differences are a good thing and how to address them rationally
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Reduce emotional avoidance
  • Identify misunderstandings and work through them
  • Modify dysfunctional behaviours
  • Solidify and strengthen your marriage

online relationship counselling

Do You Need Relationship Counselling?

If you keep having the same arguments all the time, then this a red flag that you need couple counselling. Having the same misunderstandings on the same issues shows that you need help in solving them once and for all.

Other tell-tale signs that you need professional Relationship Counselling include:

  • More bad than good. The good times are getting further and further apart.
  • You feel that your partner doesn’t respect you, doesn’t listen to you, or is not interested in you. You feel lonely.
  • Criticising and blaming each other is common.
  • Intimacy and sexual connection has dissipated.

Can Online Relationship Counselling Help a Broken Relationship?

Can online Relationship Counselling with In Mind Therapy salvage your relationship? The answer is yes, but the partners in the relationship have to want it to be successful and work to make it successful. There needs to be an openness to change and a willingness to be honest.

On the other hand, if the commitment to make change and to repair the relationship isn’t there – one of you has decided that they want out – then counselling is unlikely to help. You need to check how your partner feels and if they want to save the relationship. This is why the sooner couples with problems come to relationship counselling the better the outcome will be.

online relationship counselling

Why In Mind Therapy?

At In Mind Therapy we aim to help you resolve, repair, and rebuild your relationship. We are an experienced organisation helping couples navigate their way back to a place of happiness, joy and satisfaction. If you would like to achieve this in your relationship, here are some of the reasons you should reach out to us and book in to see one of our Relationship Counsellors online (zoom) or via phone:

Our Relationship Counsellors are professional
Our In Mind Therapy Relationship Counsellors who service Counselling Lismore online (zoom) or via phone, are well-trained, qualified, and personable. You can rest assured your needs will be addressed by experienced professionals who provide practical solutions for your relationship. Our Relationship Counsellors will give you the help and tools you need to deal with any challenges you face in your relationship.

Strategies tailored to your needs
Our Relationship Counsellors will aim to employ the best strategies to help you and your partner achieve meaningful goals.  All strategies used are tailored to your specific needs and supported by empirical evidence.

We’re available wherever you are
In Mind Therapy is available in Counselling Lismore , and all over Australia, online (zoom) or via phone. All of our Relationship Counsellors offer online (zoom) and phone appointments, no matter which clinic they are based in.

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